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Edinco XL Size Strong Massage Gun with 6 Massage Heads


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Product Overview

The Edinco Massage Gun is powerful and versatile for relieving muscle stiffness and soreness. With different 20 speed levels and 6 replaceable heads, it offers a wide range of options for your needs. The massager's LED control panel makes it easy to understand the status of the device, including battery life and the current speed setting. Powered by a high-quality 55mm brushless motor, it provides deep tissue massage. It features a built-in rechargeable battery that can last up to 6 hours on a single charge, and an electric shock protection technology for added safety. It is designed for quiet operation with an extra UV coating for durability.

Benefits of the use of Edinco Massage Gun

  1. Reduces lactate in the body
  2. Helps accelerate muscular recovery
  3. Improves and enhances the range of motion
  4. Increases the blood drift to the muscles
  5. Eases muscle pain and soreness after working out
  6. Decreases the occurrence of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness(DOMS)

Support a Good Cause

With every sale, we donate to trusted charities devoted to providing free education and healthcare to disadvantaged communities worldwide.

Edinco is proudly a British brand that follows great British values and standards. We never compromise on quality by any measure.

Product Features

20 Speed Level and 6 Replaceable Heads

More options to meet your needs. 1800-3200 strokes per minute depending on the speed you select. Massage gun can massively help you relieve muscle stiffness and soreness. The massager is equipped with 6 different massage heads to help loosen up different body parts. There is a specific massage head for different muscle groups; general full body massage, neck, shoulder, spine, hands, sensitive body parts, joints, foot sole, and leg

Touch Screen Led Control - Strong Motor

The LED helps you remember the status of the massager. It indicates how much power is left and what gear/speed you are the use of. The battery status is accurate and the LCD screen is easy to read in all lighting conditions The ace-quality 55mm brushless motor powers the massager for an effective deep tissue massage for many years yet to come

A++Grade Battery - Shock Protection Technology - UK Plug

The built-in rechargeable battery can last up to 6 hours. The best battery quality available in the market is used in the making of Edinco massagers that can last for many years. The muscle massager also has an electric shock protection technology kit to automatically shut off the machine for your ultimate protection. Additionally, our massager comes with a UK plug

Noise Reduction Technology - Scratch Resistant Body

The massager has less than 40db noise when in operation. You'll be able to feel the premium build quality of the massager the first time you hold it. It has an extra UV coating layer that makes the massager body scratch resistant

British Quality - Deluxe Gift Box

We are proudly a British company with comprisable British values and standards. The highly presentable gift box signifies the great quality of the massager and makes it a perfect gift for your loved ones or yourself

20 Speed Levels

  • 1-4 speed levels: Light massage
  • 5-8 speed levels: Middle massage
  • 9-12 speed levels: Muscle awakening
  • 13-16 speed levels: Fascia relaxation
  • 17-20 speed levels: professional mode

What you get?

  • 1 x Massage Gun
  • 1 x Power adapter
  • 1 x User manual
  • 6 x Massage heads
  • 1 x Premium gift box

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