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Whether you’re an athlete or a common folk, body pain is something you must deal with. There are simple ways to deal with pain, but massage guns work wonders for muscular pain! There is a myriad of models to choose from online. But ABIS Deep Tissue Massage Guns are here to save you time choosing the right massage gun for pain-relief needs. These handheld massagers are up-to-date and come with innovations you’ll surely need to look out for!

Cost-effective and Powerful!

Imagine the amount of money you spend the whole year going back and forth to the local massage shop. Imagine dealing with the pains yourself using massage guns at a one-time purchase. Massage guns offer you a cost-effective option since not all bodily pains require an immediate visit to the massage shop. 

Massage guns in the market range from different models at different price points. ABIS Deep Tissue Massage Guns ensure you will get your money’s worth, starting with how powerful these small machines can get. These handheld massagers can get to a powerful 3,300 percussions/min. You can rely on them to solve your current muscle soreness and other issues. 

Their 24v brushless motors allow them to get powerful to relieve stiffness, reduce inflammation, and speed up recovery. They also come rechargeable and with the option for fast charging and long battery life. You can use them for a long time and get them up and running after charging for more or less than 2 hours. You get to use them for more time than the time needed to charge them.

These ABIS Deep Tissue Massage Guns are powerful tools you can add to your arsenal in dealing with body pains. 

Versatile and Easy-to-Use

You want handheld massagers to keep up with your varying pain relief needs. You might need deeper penetrating percussions or large-area pain relief. Thankfully, ABIS Massage Guns can cater to various pain-relief needs. 

These massage guns are equipped with multiple attachments of various shapes and sizes for your specific needs. Targeting your areas of concern has never been challenging with the help of dedicated massage gun attachments. 

Aside from that, these handheld massagers have fully adjustable speeds for when you need a gentler or rougher massage session. Quickly adjust the machine to your desired intensity, attach the needed massage head attachment, and you’re good to go!

With an ergonomic, lightweight, and portable design, you can carry your massage gun wherever for later use.


Modern massage gun models in the market are expected to be innovative. Of course, ABIS Massage Guns have perks that will make your life easier. 

Both ABIS massage gun models come with LCD screens to show accurate information, making it easier to manage and adjust your massage gun to your needs. You can easily adjust machine intensity and monitor your heart rate, temperature, and calorie loss through the screen. 

With powerful batteries, these massage guns are built to last longer and charge faster. 

Good for the muscles, good for the body

Massage guns are always known to benefit the body. The ABIS Deep Tissue Massage Guns guarantee pain relief, among the many benefits of a percussive massage session. These handheld massagers can also help you relieve muscle soreness, promote good blood circulation, improve flexibility, and accelerate the healing of some injuries.